Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Can I install the HRV myself, or do I need to call the installers?

The most technically difficult part of installing the HRVs is drilling holes in the walls. All other steps are quite simple and can actually be performed by an ordinary handyman with the proper experience and skills.
When you purchase a HRV, you can order a turnkey ventilation installation from the selling company or the manufacturer.
It not only gives the highest possibility of proper installation of the device but also allows you to get a guarantee on the work and the product as a whole.

How is ventilation installation done?
If we are talking specifically about the installation of products, rather than planning the specific placement of devices in the home, the task of installers will be about the same in both construction and repair. It is necessary to drill a through-hole in the wall of the required diameter, insert the pipe into the hole, fix the HRV block, its front intake diffuser and back output diffuser grid or back metal output diffuser (metal cover). Then it is necessary to connect the electronic control to the HRVs according to the installation instructions.
Installers of Ventoxx products work using professional tools and industrial vacuum cleaners, which allows avoiding dust to spread through the apartment.

Thus, the installation of ventilation with heat recovery does not have a significant impact on the activities of consumers and can be done in the already inhabited rooms, taking no more than 2 hours.