Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

When is it better to install the HRV, at the stage of the building construction or in the process of internal finishing?

For representatives of construction companies or individuals who are at the stage of planning a house, it is wiser to foresee the placement of the entire set of HRVs in advance.
This will allow you to properly select the location of each of the devices so that later they do not conflict with the exterior finishing of the house or room decoration, are not obstructed by furniture, or are covered with a thick curtain that prevents air exchange.

To optimize construction work, we provide preparatory sets for the delayed installation of Ventoxx ventilation systems.
This makes it possible to drill holes in the early stages of construction and fill them with air ducts and end caps until the interior finishing work is complete.

Upon completion of finishing work, the internal component is purchased and installed separately.
This approach allows you to avoid unintentional damage to the equipment during other installation work, ensuring the safety of the products.