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Ventoxx Comfort HRV
  • Ventilation volume at 5 speeds: 23 - 68 m3 per hour
  • Noise level at a distance of 1 m: 22 - 32 dBA
  • Noise level at a distance of 3 m: 12 - 23 dBА
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 91 - 74%
  • Energy consumption: 1.6 to 4.3 W per hour
  • Mounting hole diameter not less than Ø 235 mm

Ventoxx Comfort decentralized heat recovery unit is a pioneer in the model range of VentoxxTM. That unit is where the history of the company and its success began.

Although this model of decentralized heat recovery units has been around for a long time, improvements have been made to it to improve key user-relevant indicators. For example, the noise load occurring during the operation of Ventoxx Comfort has been reduced by using newer and more technologically advanced fans to a maximum of 32 dBA. The level of recovery (or preservation of room heat) reaches 91% due to the use of durable and frost-resistant ceramic heat exchangers from a German manufacturer.

Ceramic is a hygienic material. The heat exchanger is not susceptible to the formation of bacteria, is not subject to freezing and performs its functions without damage to the efficiency of recovery even at temperatures down to -20 ° C.
The design of the decentralized heat recovery unit allows for installation in homes without the formation of cold bridges that negatively affect the structural integrity of the building. Thus, despite making a through-hole in the wall of the building, the decentralized heat recovery unit reliably protects against draughts and air blowings, as well as the release of unwanted condensation inside the structure. The building remains airtight and air infiltration into the house is controlled and exclusively performed through the heat exchanger that saturates the cold air with heat and saves energy for room heating.

The lack of energy-consuming electric heating up and the achievement of heat preservation solely due to the thermal properties of the ceramic heat exchanger make the Ventoxx Comfort HRV not only energy-efficient but also very economical. Minimal energy consumption during the operation of the decentralized heat recovery unit is only 4.3 W per hour at its maximum operating speed, which practically will not affect the electric power bills.

Ventoxx Comfort is installed in walls 350 mm thick. If necessary, the duct length can be adjusted with additional ring sections. By increasing the number of stacked rings, the decentralized heat recovery unit can be installed in buildings with different wall thicknesses, completely excluding the cutting of an air duct. This unique solution allows a flexible response to the needs of individual customers. That's why this model is extremely popular with construction companies and wholesalers of ventilation and heating engineering.

The Ventoxx Comfort ventilation unit works in 17 operating modes, among which:
● Ventilation with heat recovery at five fan speeds.
● Ventilation for fresh air supply without heat recovery, at five speeds.
● Ventilation for air extraction without heat recovery, at five speeds.
● Intensive ventilation of the air supply and extraction.

The decentralized heat recovery unit is controlled by the Ventoxx Twist wall-mounted control which is an illuminated rotary relay. The number of lit dots on the relay indicates the selected speed of the decentralized heat recovery unit. Illumination color allows for quick identification of the activated operating mode.

To maximize the effect of ventilation Ventoxx LLC always recommends installing the Ventoxx Comfort decentralized heat recovery unit series in pairs. It's because the supply and extract ventilation units are operating on both the inflow and the extracting. In this case, to avoid mixing of air masses and prevent mutual cooling or heating of airflows, the air supply and extraction are performed in alternating phases of operation in two interconnected units.

The Ventoxx Comfort HRVs series are equipped with G3 class washable filters that not only protect the decentralized heat recovery unit from dust but also prevent insects from entering the rooms. The recommended frequency of filter cleaning is once a quarter and its replacement are every two years. A light and sound signal control automatically reminds you to change the filters. If necessary, the signal can be turned off.
Installation of the decentralized heat recovery unit takes about two hours, after which the ventilation system can be put into operation immediately.
Five reasons to buy Ventoxx Comfort HRV:
  • 1
    Elimination of fungi and mold already after one month of use
  • 2
    The guaranteed heat retention of up to 91% when ventilating!
  • 3
    Safe ventilation with 17 operation modes
  • 4
    Installation in buildings with any wall thickness from 350 mm
  • 5
    Unobtrusive design and user-friendly control of the decentralized heat recovery unit
Who it's suitable for:

The Ventoxx Comfort model is used both in the construction of new residential buildings and in the reconstruction of secondary housing. This ventilation unit can be used in various types of rooms. This ventilation unit can be used in various types of rooms. It is perfect to use for high-rise construction projects, especially under construction.

It can also be installed in apartments, private homes, stores, offices, yoga studios, beauty salons, clinics and medical facilities.

Advantages of Ventoxx Comfort HRV:

  • The perfect solution for installation in facilities under construction or complete renovation.
  • More simple and cheaper installation with using preparatory and mounting sets.
  • Protection of the decentralized heat recovery unit from wind and precipitation by the metal outer cover.
  • User-friendly wall-mounted relay control.
  • Has been tested in independent laboratories in Germany.

Distinguishing features of Ventoxx Comfort HRV over the other decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™:
●      Ventoxx Comfort HRV has five speeds and 17 operating modes.
●      The air duct of this decentralized heat recovery unit is made in the form of a stacked-rings pipe, allowing you to fit the air duct without cutting, connecting the pipe segments to the required wall thickness.
●      Ventoxx Comfort HRV is equipped with a G3 class filter.
●      The metal outer cover protects against strong gusts of wind and rain.
●      User-friendly wall-mounted Ventoxx Twist control fits perfectly into any interior.

The advantages of decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™over other brands:

  1. Energy efficiency class: A.
  2. All major components of the decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™ are made in Europe.
  3. Ventoxx™ uses durable and high-quality ceramic heat exchangers in its decentralized heat recovery units. These heat exchangers are the most optimal ones in terms of hygienic and thermal physical properties.
  4. All technical data of the decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™ are verified and confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.
  5. An additional warranty on the heat exchanger is ten years.
  6. Consistently high quality at competitive prices since 2010.

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