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Ventoxx Fresh wall-mounted fresh air supply ven
Ventilation volume            30 m3 per hour
Mounting hole diameter   160 to 180 mm

Ventoxx Fresh air supply vent is a ventilation duct installed in the outer wall of the house to supply fresh and cleaned air from the outside into the room.

The fresh air supply vent works without any mechanical means of the air supply or extraction as well as it has no heat recovery or storage function. Thus, the air entering the room through the fresh air supply vent has the temperature of the outside air.
Five reasons to buy Ventoxx Fresh air supply vent:
  • 1
    Safe ventilation with the windows closed
  • 2
    Mould and fungi prevention
  • 3
    Constant supply of fresh air and maintenance of optimal humidity level in the room
  • 4
    Protection from dust, insects, fluff and noise from the outside
  • 5
    Design solution of the inner cover
Who it's suitable for:

The wall-mounted Ventoxx Fresh air supply vent is perfect for installation in new buildings, apartments, private homes and summer cottages where the problem of mold or foggy windows occurs. A fresh air supply vent is a budget alternative to forced ventilation with heat recovery. Optionally, the owners of the Ventoxx Fresh air supply vent can easily retrofit to energy-saving ventilation with heat recovery by installing the Ventoxx Harmony HRV in the ventilation duct of the fresh air supply vent* in the future.
  *Retrofitting the air supply vent into a decentralized heat recovery unit can only be done with a minimum wall thickness of 300 mm or more.

Advantages of the air supply vent over the airing of an open window:

  • Pre-cleaning of the air and protection against insects.
  • Reduction of noise from the outside.
  • It does not disturb the window structures, unlike window ventilators.
  • Unlike an open for airing window, it is safe for children and also reliable against thieves.
  • It can be retrofitted and transformed into a decentralized heat recovery unit.

Distinctive features of the Ventoxx Fresh air supply vent from the ventilators of other brands:
  • It is possible to install as a standard version with a windproof metal cover, or in the budget version, with a plastic grid.
  • Reinforced noise insulation on the inside of the cover.
  • Can be installed with an additional Ventoxx Star noise attenuation element as one Ventoxx Star element is included!
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