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Ventoxx Invisible HRV
Ventilation volume at 5 speeds         16 / 27 / 38 / 46 / 54 m3 per hour
Noise level at a distance of 3 m        12 / 14 / 17 / 21 / 23 dBА
Heat recovery efficiency                     70 to 91%
Energy consumption                           1.6 to 2.75 W per hour
Mounting hole diameter                     Ø 235 mm

Ventoxx Invisible is the only wall-mounted decentralized heat recovery unit that is totally invisible on the façade of the building. 

The design of the decentralized heat recovery unit provides ducting out into the thickness of the insulating layer of the wall, which allows hiding the air grid in the window jamb. What we get as a result: effective ventilation and removal of excess moisture, as well as protection against mold in the building, with no visible air duct covers from the outside.

Ventoxx Invisible HRV is available in two options:
  • Invisible on the facade installation based on the Ventoxx Comfort HRV.
  • Invisible on the facade installation based on the Ventoxx Harmony HRV.

These models are different by the diameter of their air duct, the type of unit inner cover, the type of control and some technical characteristics. When selecting the option, refer to the information about the original model of the decentralized heat recovery unit, then add the option "Invisible" to the order.
When using the option of preparatory and mounting sets, property developers have the opportunity to install air ducts during the masonry phase of the building walls. This option not only makes installation cheaper in most situations (no need to drill holes afterward) but also guarantees the protection of sensitive elements of the decentralized heat recovery unit from possible contamination and damage during construction and/or interior finishing. The mounting kits are installed at the stage of cladding the building with thermal insulation and/or during the fine finishing of apartments.

The decentralized heat recovery unit is controlled by the Ventoxx Twist wall-mounted control or remote control in the case of the Ventoxx Harmony-based option.
Five reasons to buy Ventoxx Invisible HRV:
  • 1
    Elimination of fungi and mold already after one month of use
  • 2
    The guaranteed heat retention of up to 91% when ventilating!
  • 3
    Safe ventilation with 17 operation modes
  • 4
    The decentralized heat recovery unit is totally invisible on the façade!
  • 5
    Quality components are mainly from Europe
Who it's suitable for:

The Ventoxx Invisible model is used both in the construction of new buildings and renovation with façade insulation. NB: Ventoxx Invisible decentralized heat recovery unit can only be installed before the building is clad with thermal insulation! 

It is perfect for multi-story buildings, especially those with exquisite architecture and complex facades. 

Also can be installed in insulated private houses, stores, office and administrative buildings, as well as during the energy rehabilitation of apartment buildings.

Advantages of Ventoxx Invisible HRV:

  • It's a perfect solution for installations with complex facades or exquisite architecture.
  • More simple and cheaper installation with using preparatory and mounting sets.
  • User-friendly wall-mounted relay control.
  • Has been tested in independent laboratories in Germany.

Distinguishing features of Ventoxx Invisible HRV over the other decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™:

  • The only wall-mounted decentralized heat recovery unit that is totally invisible on the façade of the building.
  • It's installed only in buildings with external thermal insulation.
  • It has five speeds and 17 operating modes.
  • The air duct of this decentralized heat recovery unit is made in the form of a stacked-rings pipe, allowing you to fit the air duct without cutting, connecting the pipe segments to the required wall thickness.
  • G3 class air filter is washable and can be used repeatedly.
  • User-friendly wall-mounted Ventoxx Twist control fits perfectly into any interior.

The advantages of decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™over other brands:

  1. Energy efficiency class: A.
  2. All major components of the decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™ are made in Europe.
  3. Ventoxx™ uses durable and high-quality ceramic heat exchangers in its decentralized heat recovery units. These heat exchangers are the most optimal ones in terms of hygienic and thermal physical properties.
  4. All technical data of the decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™ are verified and confirmed by tests in independent laboratories.
  5. An additional warranty on the heat exchanger is ten years.
  6. Consistently high quality at competitive since 2010.
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